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This week, Summit Entertainment finally named a director for Breaking Dawn (BD). Their choice – Bill Condon. Everyone knows that Breaking Dawn will be a huge hit so tons of big named directors have been mentioned. When Condon was finally announced, I decided to check out some of his work. I discovered that he is best known for the movies: Chicago and Dreamgirls. Both are musicals hence the title of the article.

This got me thinking about BD. The first vision that comes to mind is a broken head board, bruises and feathers. Stephenie Meyer gives very little detail in the book regarding vampire sex, but you can’t leave something like that out of the movie. Movies are visual; the audience will need to see the cause of that kind of damage. I know I need to. My next visual is the big birth scene. This resembles a horror scene with tons of blood and a c-section performed with vampire teeth. So how can Summit turn something like that into a PG13 rating? Is Breaking Dawn a musical?

Now, when I picture BD as a musical I see something like a modern day Grease. Can you imagine Edward Cullen as Danny Zuko? Could Bella become innocent Sandy Ollson? In a lot of ways – yes but I hope that’s not what Summit has in mind. BD is gritty to me and I hope that Condon stays true to the story. I want to enjoy the BD adaptation the way I enjoyed Chris Weitz’s adaptation of New Moon.

Have I got all the Twilight fans in a tizzy about the director choice? Okay, I’ll put you at ease a bit. Condon also won an Oscar for his screenplay Gods and Monsters, about the last days of the Frankenstein director, he wrote and directed Kinsey, about the famed human sexuality researcher, and he directed the horror film Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh.

“Bringing Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ to the screen requires a graceful and intelligent hand, and we believe Bill Condon is exactly the right steward, having shown equal and abundant talents of immense creativity and subtle sensitivity,” said Summit Entertainment honcho Erik Feig.

So I guess the only fear you have is Summit’s terrible choice of screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote all the previous three Twilight Saga screenplays. She is now busy writing (aka butchering) the BD script. Who knows what she will do to BD. The studio’s announcement of director neglected to tell fans whether BD will be broken into two parts. I believe it needs to be, but no one asked me, so I just blog about it.


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This contest is CLOSED

We have just opened our May 2010 Short Story competition. Each month, we choose a fantasy character and you write a story. Anyone can enter. There is no fee to enter. We don’t care if you have any writing experience – we just want to see what you can do!

We’re looking for all and any previously unpublished short stories. To help preserve the sight of the poor souls who have ‘volunteered’ to read all your fab entries, we ask that you keep to a maximum of 1000 words. The stories must be in the young adult fantasy genre so no crazy violence or sleazy erotic please.

Three stories will be published on this site, with big shiny links letting everyone know where to find them and telling everyone how great you are. The overall winner will be sent a signed copy of one of our featured books. The featured author/book won’t be revealed until the winner is revealed. Check out our website for all the fine print:


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I’m going to preface by saying that I am a Twilight fan. I love the books and I’ve attended opening night for both movies. However, I am writing this blog with honesty so I will tell you the good, bad and ugly of the whole experience.

This was my second convention. Last year, Creation Entertainment became the official Twilight tour. Due to their new ‘offical’ status, they promised the 2010 tour would include additional excitement and movie goodies for the fans. I went in hoping to see props, costumes and movie footage. What I got was two posters: Bella’s truck and Edward’s car. Fans could stand next to the poster which gave the illusion that the vehicles were actually there. Start the applause. A karaoke contest on Friday night replaced last years musical performance by one of the movie actors. Other than that – zero. The conventions were actually the same including the fact that several actors pulled out at the last-minute and were replaced by lesser known, small bit part actors. Creation protects itself by having a disclaimer in micro small print that states that they cannot guarantee the availability of the actors scheduled – nice. So that was most of the bad.

So what’s good about the convention you ask? First, the convention is hosted by the Hillywood show. They are two sisters famous for their YouTube parody of both Twilight and New Moon. They are actually extremely talented and come with several actors from their parody. I enjoyed watching them in full Twilight costume all weekend.

Second, the question and answer sessions with the actors who showed up. Those actors were Peter Facinelli (Dr. Cullen), Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call), Michael Welch (Mike Newton), Justin Chon (Eric Yorkie), Edi Gathegi (Laurent), and Tinsel Korey (Emily). I found each of them to be funny and down to earth. Each had some great stories from the set which you wouldn’t hear any other way. They also gave some scoop about the upcoming movie, Eclipse.

Okay, now here comes the ugly: the fans. Wait, wait…not ALL the fans or even the majority. Just the forty-plus year old women who tried to chase down and gang rape the celebrities in attendance. You know who you are. The vampire ball was the worst of it. This is where the talent has to walk around and say a brief ‘hello’ to the guests. The fans are instructed to stay in their seats and wait for the celebrities to walk around. What happened you ask? Well, the older women started crowding around them as they tried to greet the tables. Soon, they were grabbing them and trying to kiss them. Yes, I said kiss them. And where are the body guards you ask? Oh they were there but it was two guards to each celebrity. What can two skinny little people do against a bunch of crazed, sexed up Twilight Moms? Little to nothing is the answer. I actually had to leave the ball early cause I was a bit embarrassed to be with those people. Argh!

The final score is this. If you want to meet fellow fans, learn something about the making of the movies or see the Hillywood show then go to this thing. If you want to meet one specific celebrity then don’t buy your tickets until a week before because that’s usually when the schedule of talent sticks. For me, I doubt I will go again. I’m pretty sure I’ve had my fill but, like Creation, I cannot guarantee.

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We have an upcoming interview scheduled with Maria V. Snyder. Maria is known for her adult fantasy novels but is changing gears to release her debut young adult novel, Inside Out.

Maria has also agreed to send us a signed copy of Inside Out to be given to the winner of an upcoming short story contest.

Don’t forget to check out the interview www.yafantasyguide.com

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Julie Kagawa has agreed to be our first interview on our upcoming YA Fantasy site www.yafantasyguide.com. Her first novel, Iron King was published by Harlequin in February 2010. I read the book last month and LOVED it so I am super excited. She’s also sending a signed copy of her book for one of our upcoming short story contests.


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