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I am attempting to understand the origins of the Twilight phenomenon. I want to understand why this particular series has captured the hearts of millions like no other novel ever has. So the question is this: Is this the greatest series ever or just hype? The only way to answer that question is to dig deep into the story itself.

Our story is told in first person by Bella Swan. Bella is seventeen, extremely awkward and a self described ordinary girl. When the story begins, Bella is moving in with her father who lives in Forks, Washington. The small town is really only known for very poor weather, mostly clouds and rain. Bella goes to school and eventually meets Edward Cullen. He wants nothing to do with her at first, but is strangely drawn to her. Bella knows there is something different about Edward so she begins to ask questions. Eventually he reveals that he and his family are all vampires and Edward has the ability to read people’s minds with the exception of Bella. Bella learns that the Cullen’s do not drink human blood and consider themselves vegetarians. Edward and Bella eventually fall in love which causes problems for Edward because he still has the strong urge to kill her. The physical stuff is really limited for this couple. Trouble begins during a non-traditional baseball game with the Cullen family. They run into a trio of normal vampires. By normal, I mean they drink human blood. He and his family save her from the normal vampires and all is well until novel number two.

The story is unique and I can see the appeal. This book opens up the world of vampires to a younger audience. Most vampire novels are gory and written for adults. Also, we get a new spin on vampires – the vegetarian variety. Twilight feels tailor made for teenagers and adults who are reminiscing about their teenage years. Most women can relate to Bella’s awkwardness and crushing on a seemingly untouchable heartthrob. Although, I feel the most appealing part of Twilight is Edward Cullen. Edward was made vampire in 1907 so his manners are very old school and he’s wildly romantic. Most men have lost that level of finesse which is clearly missed among modern day women.

Overall, I find the novels to be jam packed with fantasy, romance and suspense. I don’t think this is over hyped. I think the Twilight series gives you a little bit of everything. Bottom line: if you are looking for a simply written, romance then buy this book.


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